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The Betty Bomber

Mitsubishi G4M3 Navy Type 1 Attack Bomber
Depth: 45-55ft/13-16m

            This Japanese Navy tactical bomber first took to the air in 1939, with mass production starting in 1940. Her shape gave her the name "Flying Cigar", but she would also light up when shot, because of her unprotected fuel tanks. This aircraft could also carry torpedoes. It appears that the BETTY was landing at the Eten Island airstrip, but went down just a few hundred meters short, breaking off her nose, starboard wingtip, and engines, which were tossed forward nearly 100 meters off the port side. No one knows whether she was shot down or if her demise was a result of the American Operation Hailstone assault of 17-18 Feb., 1944.

Excerpts reprinted with permission from: World War II Wrecks of the Truk Lagoon by Dan E. Bailey