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gift shopThe Gift Shop

Open Daily: 8am-5pm

Truk Lagoon is world famous for wreck diving but before the attack in February of 1944 this was responsible for the wrecks there existed a living, thriving culture here in Chuuk. This culture is seen today in the form of woven mats and carvings.

The Truk Stop Gift Shop has a good mix of items that reflect both custom and traditional handicrafts and souvenirs of Truk Lagoon. Visitors to our gift shop will find the very traditional Chuukese love stick, plus devil masks, dance paddles, carved walking canes, carved navigator heads, turtles, and fish, as well as shirts, hats, decals, and other souvenirs to take home for themselves and friends.

The Truk Stop Hotel & Dive Center Gift Shop is conveniently located between the Hard Wreck Cafe and the patio and open daily from 8:00am till 5:00pm.